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In compiling these records every possible care has been taken to prevent errors.  Murphy's law applies here as in many other aspects of life.

That said; - not all births are verified by church records.  Educated guesswork is sometimes the only path to get one step further.  

If I have included individuals where descendents do not want the data published, or mistakes have occurred, - please advise me immediately. 

Researchers from all parts of the globe have contacted me with new material.  Thanks to you all !

It has been important for me to help others to find relevant material. In this archive there is a lot of material, - not published elsewhere.  This database  includes many individuals with no blood relation to the Hagerup family.

De 112 Eidsvoldmenn 
(Signers of The Norwegian Constitution)   Historiske data

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The literal signification of "Hagerup" is; 
"Clearing in a garden", but again it may also 
be a homestead that a guy name "Hage" 
and a patch of land that he cleared prior to 1500?

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Further comments

The oldest origin to the Hagerup family name that is verifiable, - seems to be a vicar named Anders Christensen from Jørlunde Parish at Sjælland (Sealand) in Denmark. This place was a tiny village in the early 1500 named "Hagerup" and is still on maps. .  

(Located; 55.828796N - 12.137875E)  

The vicar was born abt . 1540 and you will find him in these pages. His son was vicar to Romsdal on the Western coast of Norway (between Bergen and Trondheim).

The suffix "Kongelw" may either refer to the place "Kungälv" close to Gothenburg in Sweden, but there is also a farm in Hedmark named Kongelv.

The book on the Hagerup family (1902) confirms that there are two branches of the family.  Both branches were direct descendants of the legendary Kjell Stub through 2 women that were 2.nd cousins (the mother of E. "Kongelw" Hagerup b.1718  above and the wife of his later guardian E. Hansen Hagerup) . Many individuals have taken the name Hagerup even if the surname should have been protected.  Recently it was decided by the Norwegian government that there were so many individuals named Hagerup in Norway that the name should not be protected anymore!