To systemize your data You should use some kind of software.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints or LDS for short has some useful information at their web pages.

From this page you may click onto their download site where you find different versions of their software.  Download the file to your PC and when you install it, do not hook off for "Use LDS information on Screens and reports"

unless you are a member of that church.  If you install the program with that information, uninstall the program in control panel and install it again.

The LDS program is extremely stable and you may import and export gedcom files as you see fit.  You may also convert data to html files for your webpage.  It is free of charge, You may purchase the PAF Companion Basic v5.2.1 (English Only)
Free Color Chart Printing the full version for some USD 6,75.  

I do not use PAF for publishing my files on the the, but the GedPage program. I has worked well, and I have strong editing abilities. The full version is yours for USD 10,00 and I can recommend it.

Another popular software is Brother's Keeper.  The registered version is yours for USD 45,00.  After testing the unregistered version for a couple of weeks I decided that the ingenuity of the LDS software was far better for me as an amateur. While LDs has checks on children in accordance to parents when it come to marriage date and birth date. Too many registration software programs seem to eat whatever information you give it and does not give a warning when someone ges married 100 years after birth!

Whatever you choose, it will take some time before you feel comfortable. This is when you will enjoy your registration efforts.